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Switchback Bindings 2012/2013 Preview | Product Focus

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2012/2013 is beginning to look like it will be the season that initiates a shift of focus from snowboard profile innovations to binding design. Like JF Pelchat’s new Now bindings that are also set to drop in 2012/2013, Switchback bindings bring a fresh new concept to the somewhat tired traditional binding formula.

The Concept: Switchback bindings are the brainchild of Bataleon director Dennis Dusseldorp, who saw Jake OE riding without highbacks and wanted to try it out, but couldn’t quite bring himself to stop riding to disassemble his bindings. Consequently, an important aspect of Switchback bindings is that they can be completely assembled without tools, allowing you to switch up your highback on the fly. Watch the video if you don’t believe us!

Instead of purchasing a complete binding, components are sold separately as pairs of bases, straps, padding and highbacks (if you want them), allowing you to customise the look and features of your binding to your heart’s content. Every base also comes with a no-back piece, allowing you to ride without highbacks for a looser, more tweakable ride. Components are available in five clean colours including black, white, teal, orange and red, with highbacks available in two levels of stiffness.

The Team: The Switchback team is looking solid and includes the likes of the Helgasons, Gulli Gudmundsson, Ethan Morgan, Ryan Paul and Kevin Sansalone who will each have pro-model colourways.

The Debate: There is no questioning the elegance and simplicity of Switchback bindings; the ease of switching up highbacks and the appeal of customising your components could really make them a game changer. The real question is whether these bindings and their tool-less attachments will hold up to wear and tear over time. Is there enough strength and versatility in the materials and build for a really solid product performance wise or has quality and adjustability been overlooked for otherwise unnecessary aesthetic and ease of use enhancements?

We look forward to giving these a test but in the meantime we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Switchback Bindings

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