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Rider Profile: Scott Stevens | News and Views

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Scott Stevens is an amazing snowboarder. From his numerous video parts with Think Thank to his mind blowing part in this season’s Capita team movie; Scott has firmly established himself as one of the most creative and inspiring park and rail riders to ever strap onto a snowboard, (although you’re equally as likely to see him with one or no feet strapped in). He’s also happens to be pretty handy on a skateboard (some people just have it all don’t they?). If my ramblings aren’t enough to convince you otherwise, check out his full part from The High Cascade Summer Camp full length ‘Hungry’ at the bottom of this post.

One of the most refreshing things about Scott is his stellar attitude to snowboarding. He’s one of a somewhat dwindling breed of happy-go-luckies that are keeping it real and riding for all all the right reasons: personal enjoyment and fulfilment, stoking out the kids as a coach at summer camps and being an all-round positive dude. Yes he makes a living off the sport, but he is also lucky enough to have sponsors that, for the most part, allow him to live and ride the way that he wants to  – and it clearly shows in his riding.

We sat down with Scott at the Hemel Hempstead leg of the Thirty Two European tour back in January and asked him some questions about his season so far and his snowboard gear. Check out the vid for a sneak peek at his signature Thirty Two TM Two’s for next season (this season’s are currently 25% off at TSA and Snow and Rock), his spray painted Union Capita Ultrafear bindings and next season’s super limited Capita Ultrafear FK snowboard (if you’re fortunate enough to live in the States you can find this season’s here).

Big thanks to Scott for taking the time to chat to us and we look forward to seeing his most recent shred-flick offerings come autumn.

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Rider profile: Scott Stevens

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