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Dragon APX Goggles Review | Product Focus

I recently had the chance to try out Dragon’s brand new and much anticipated APX Goggle. With a huge, space age looking lens that extends over the frame right to the edge of the goggle (their so-called Infinity Lens Technology), they are most definitely an eye-catching piece.

Fit and Comfort: My immediate concerns were that the goggles would firstly, be too large for my somewhat average-to-small sized face and secondly, not be compatible with my helmet. However, both of these concerns were quickly alleviated. The APX goggles fit my face surprisingly well with no noticeable gaps and were also perfectly shaped for my Sandbox (skate shape) helmet. The Triple layer Polar Tech micro fleece lining on the inside of the goggle was really soft on the skin and is moisture wicking and so stayed dry all day.


Vision: The first thing I noticed with these goggles on was the impressive field of view. Going from an old (but very well used) pair of Electric EG1’s to these new APX’s was a pretty striking difference. Not having a frame jutting out at the edges really increased peripheral and downward vision. The optically correct spherical lenses ensured that there was minimal distortion and I didn’t notice any annoying optical problems or reflections during the day.


Ventilation and Lenses: The plastic Armoured-Venting on these goggles was a nice touch and replacing the more traditional foam venting with a tougher system ensured that when I wiped out in powder the snow didn’t instantly freeze to the foam. I managed to test out a couple of different lenses for the APX. The Eclipse lens, pictured, was as dark as it looks (and sounds) and was far too dark for the overcast conditions that I tried them in. I didn’t get to test them in the bluebird conditions they were designed for which is a shame but it’s safe to say that they would definitely do their job in protecting your eyes from the sun. The second lens I tried was the Blue Ionized lens and this was great for picking out the variations in contrast in the overcast conditions. The lens interchange system was one of the easiest I have encountered and no longer involves trying to bend a lens back into a frame. A simple numbering system on the goggle helps you to pop the series of posts into the frame in order. All of the lenses use a dual layered construction, with a layer of air between them to act as a temperature buffer between face and environment. This works in combination with Dragon’s Super Anti-Fog coating and venting system to reduce fogging. The only hint of fogging I experienced with these goggles (and it was only a hint) was when I had to clamber my way out of a spot of deep powder and was sweating bucket loads.

Overall Impression: These goggles were impressive in almost every aspect. The peripheral and downward vision was fantastic and the lenses and venting all performed well in the rather challenging weather conditions. The icing on the cake is that these are hands down some of the sickest looking goggles to come out this year. If you own these goggles or have tried them out, why not let others know what you thought of them by leaving a review on the Dragon APX product page.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Wich kind of ionize is you goggles? looks like black or blue please, respond

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