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Sportful Survival Jacket | Product Focus

Continuing with our ‘stuff we’d happily pay for and in many cases have, believe it or not’ series of product features, reflecting the Noah-bothering weather conditions we’re currently experiencing we thought it high time to focus on our next product, Sportful’s Survival Gore Tex jacket. Already familiar and indeed enamoured with the Italian manufacturer’s products, we love their inherently Italian styling and racing cut of their very real value for money offerings probably just as much as we loathe getting wet on training rides. Soggy so very quickly transforms to freezing cold on the long road home, so when there’s really no doubt that the heavens are going to open while you’re out on the road you can either sit in and sulk or put something on more substantial that a shower jacket or lightweight rain cape. Enter the Survival Gore Tex Jacket.

Made from a lightweight GoreTex Active Shell material, the Survival jacket is totally waterproof with the weirdly static, crinkly textured GoreTex material keeping absolutely all precipitation at bay. Seriously we’ve tried many a so-called waterpoof jackets, but none of them came close to living up to their billing, well that was until this.

Rolling with a size small the cut is about as race-focused as a rain-halting Gore Tex jacket could arguably be, it’s snug and offers sufficient length in the arms to get into a nice low, stretched out riding position without then exposing your bare wrists to the elements. We do find that there is a bit of bunching around the upper torso and shoulder areas though, but then we’re a weird shape, and we should also probably eat a little more. A small price to pay for dryness we reckon.

However, the pay off of course is breathability, or the lack of it, and were it not for the underarm pit zips, the same as you’d find on ski/snowboard wear, you’d probably broil yourself into A&E, or get really thin, it’s a bit of a lottery which. As mentioned at the beginning this is not a pack away wet-weather solution, as while it’s lightweight I defy anyone to comfortably ride with this stuffed in the back of their jersey, or even manage to get it in there. So unless you have a logoed estate car at your disposal like the Saxo Bank team who helped develop this jacket, then you’re going to have this on until you get home.

Featuring camlock zippers at the wrists, designed so when said branded vehicle appears even if you’re wearing gloves you’ll be able to get this off and throw it in disdain at the DS , for the the rest of us non-pros the stormflap is much more of a selling point. Folding up inside the jacket and secured by three press studs when not needed, this ‘spray protection flap’ can easily be deployed one-handed as you ride and should prevent even the most bootilicious of behinds from getting soaked by spray from your rear tyre. One word of caution though, depending on the size you’ve gone for and the amount of stuff you’re carrying in the back of your jersey, the Survival jacket can have a tendency to get hitched around your pump/spare tube/food in your jersey making the stormflap sit a little higher than it should, meaning wet bum. In light of this last observation not opting to include any pockets on this to stow your essentials could indeed be a deal breaker for some.

The price of course, could also put a lot of you off, it did us initially, but we guess different riders put a different value on being dry. It is an awful lot of money we know, but we don’t intend to buy another wet weather jacket anytime soon/ever and blasting home in torrential rain protected from the elements, dry and content/smug as can be is priceless. No hang on a minute it has a price, it’s a couple of hundred quid, or RRP £200 to be exact. Available in one colour, the sombre slate grey shown here and across a wide size break, from S to XXL, while not quite soggy sartorial cycling perfection, Sportful’s Survival Gore Tex is pretty darn close to the perfect wet weather clothing companion in our opinion.

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