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Giro Aeon Helmet | Product Focus

Another instalment in our ‘stuff you’ll see us riding in’ series of product features, today’s revered item is Giro’s Aeon Helmet.

Superseding the Prolight and Ionos as the American company’s undisputed top tier lid, the Aeon aimed in many ways to combine the two, pairing the minimal weight of the Prolight with the venting of the Ionos. And by the virtue of the fact that we’re now writing about it here, you can go ahead and assume that they succeeded.

Registering just 222g on the scales for a size medium, while it’s still not quite as svelte as the Prolight, which weighs just 175g for the same size, it nonetheless is still a light helmet. And that difference of weight manifests itself we’d guess in the closure system, which we can live with as it’s far superior to the Prolight’s elasticated rear strap. Now of course it’d be somewhat cliche to type, ‘the Aeon’s so light you may forget you’re wearing it’, but we did have a just about controllable urge to tap that out as the combination of the lightness of the shell, the Roc Loc 5 closure system and the slimline webbing that sits snugly gripping the sides of your noggin offers gloriously unobtrusive comfort. Turning the dial on the closure system clockwise with your thumb and forefinger tightens the helmet’s webbing incrementally offering an excellent, tight, but not unpleasant fit. The chinstraps are also adjustable and close via a standard clip fastening and as the webbing/roll cagey thing takes care of the majority of the work keeping the Aeon snugly sat on your head we find we don’t have to tighten the chin straps as much as we have to on other helmets. A small bonus, but a bonus nonetheless as on really hot days especially, anything, even a close fitting helmet strap, tends to drive us mad.

Having seen to the weight loss and dialed the fit (pardon the pun) the Aeon addresses the cooling issue courtesy of the twenty-four vents, offering, according to the very enthusiastic and obviously very proud dudes at Giro, ‘cooling power equivalent to the most ventilated helmet ever made, the Ionos’. And while our powers of perception when it comes to heat dissipation aren’t fine-tuned enough to compare between the two, we can confirm that the Aeon offers excellent venting. Lined with the brand’s X-static padding within, this anti-bacterial material confidently deals with the sweat which the venting can’t prevent building up and though you get extra material with the helmet, we’re yet to change it as it’s neither particularly grubby or stinky after a year and a bit of very heavy use.

Conforming to all the required safety standards, as you’d expect, we can’t really go further than that and comment with any authority on how the Aeon’s impact resistance/structural prowess compares to other helmets out there, but anecdotal evidence suggests that they’re meticulously built with your safety in mind (we’ll skip the tale of smacking my Prolight helmeted head into the tarmac at 60kmph).

Light, about as stylish as a road helmet gets and vented within an inch of its life, while the Aeon’s price tag is as high as you’d probably expect for a range topping product, when it comes to helmets we’d rather not penny pinch. And that’s not actually because we’re mega safety conscious, many, many lower priced helmets will arguably be just as reliable in a crash, they all have to pass the same safety tests. No it comes down to comfort, the Aeon neither irritates, over heats or feels cumbersome at any point, in any conditions, letting us just get on with the business at hand, upshifting and forcing the legs to keep on spinning. A indispensable ride companion, we’d be interested to see where Giro can possibly go next as the Aeon is a truly exceptional piece of design.


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  1. As far as safety goes, all certified helmets are equally safe. You could buy a helmet for $30 and feel safe. But buying the Giro Aeon helmet, you’ll also feel comfortable, and your head will be cooler than ever. It’s also extremely light! It’s available at Amazon.com or ChainReactionCycles .

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