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Goggle Lenses | Tech Breakdown

Goggles are a staple part of your kit, as not only do they protect your eyes from the mountain elements, but they also protect you from UV rays and glare from the sun. They can vary in price quite significantly, and generally the more expensive they are, the more tech features they contain to provide […]


Waterproofing and Breathability Ratings | Buying Guide

For some, outerwear choice may be swayed heavily by its appearance, but due to the nature of snowboarding an important aspect to take into account is waterproofing and breathability rating, as these factors will significantly influence your comfort and warmth while riding. On the vast majority of jackets and pants you will see two numbers […]

endeavor boardtest

Endeavor Board Test Overview | News and Views

Here’s a quick snapshot of what went down when the Mpora Gear team attended the Endeavor Boardtest at the Dragon Lodge out in Tignes in early December: After a worryingly snowless drive up to Tignes and an afternoon riding on a handful of (actually pretty fun) pebble-ridden runs, the snow deities decided to have some […]

IPS back protector

Pro-Tec IPS Back Protector Review | Product Focus

Other than my trusty helmet I’m not usually one for wearing much body armour while snowboarding although if there were one item that I would seriously consider it would definitely be a back protector. Many people don’t fully appreciate how fragile the spine really is and even a relatively minor impact can end up causing […]